About Me

I'm an armchair journalist - meaning I spend most of my time whining about the state of the nation in my columns, and interviewing authors and occasionally, politicians and sportspersons. I don't like to use sunscreen.

I do a spot of theatre, and some singing, but spend most of my non-working time trying to finish a novel. Obviously, publicity for that will take up most of this space when it's complete.

I don't write much poetry, and I think there's way too much bad poetry in the world.

You can mail bouquets to me at nandini.0305@gmail.com. I'm too conceited to acknowledge brick-bats, and slanderous comments will be deleted though sensible argument will be entertained. Actually, insensible argument will be entertained too, as long as I can find something to laugh about in it.

I don't have any of the right labels - I'm non-feminist, un-angry, and non-bleeding-heart-liberal.

On the subject of the wrong labels, I'm an animal rights activist. I don't wear or buy silk or leather, I'm lacto-vegetarian, and would give up milk if I could kick my Tam Brahm craving for filter coffee every morning; or, if I could get my hands on soy milk that's within the expiry period. I can't figure out why it's legal to kill animals for food, clothing or money.
I'm trying to get myself to update my spoofs Shareer Aur Shahar and Bechain Bahuraniyan, and I was obsessed with It Could Have Been! However, some folks decided to pay me to write about film, and some folks about gender (yes, me the non-feminist), so everything I don't get paid for has taken a backseat. 
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