Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Animal Instinct

Vegetarianism is a topic I have spoken about, written about and done something about - when people ask me what difference one person could make, I speak passionately about the Power of One, about how animals shouldn't have to die because of our savage, acquired diets. I think I've also been a factor in a couple of people I know turning vegetarian. But most of the time, I meet people who give me excuses - for example, ecological balance. I can always explain to them that this doesn't hold water when animals are bred to be slaughtered, but at some level, most people seem to be fooling themselves into a comfort zone. Here's something that portrays the harsh reality. To those people who come up with excuses to themselves, I ask: What's your excuse now? What service are you doing to the world by being a patron of this cruelty? And to those who don't consider this a subject worthy of an excuse, because it "isn't wrong", because "animals are food", I ask: Did you watch the whole of this video without a shudder?


Is that enough? Well, if you decided to convert to vegetarianism after watching this video, let me know.

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Lizzie Borden said...

I am vegetarian, but I didn't watch the video, somehow I value my digestive process a LOT!!!
and I have seen gruesome documentaries, and I dont care to repeat the experience. I for one am glad I am vegetarian!!

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